Darkness of light Tarot

"The Darkness of light returns to black borders and dark card back. Also featuring improved printing quality for more durable cards with an air cushion for shuffling, and a delicate linen texture printed on black core 330GSM stock for lightweight shuffling and a snappier feel in hand.
Also featuring an all new redesigned, easy to open deck box in flat matte black"
- Tony DiMauro -

The Darkness of Light Tarot is not just any Tarot. It is a real piece of art and craftmanship by the artist Tony DiMauro. He is an Italian artist in the USA.

We are very proud we can call ourselves the exclusive European distributor of this amazing deck.

"The Darkness of Light Tarot is a treatise on the balance found in all things in the universe: the darkest paths we walk there can still be found light, and in the lightest hearts there is still found darkness. This is to be human, and to be a part of the great design of all things.

The deck strives to paint an honest portrait of nature: it doesn't shy away from dark themes but instead embraces them, weaving both darkness and light together to tell the story of the Fool's journey.

The Darkness of Light Tarot aligns with the Wheel of the Year, with each suit corresponding to a season, with the goal of creating a sense of time that flows throughout the deck."

Tony DiMauro


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